Star Wars 8 – Director Rian Johnson justifies his decision on Rey’s origins

In episode 8, we finally learn something about Rey’s origins, but the answer does not like every fan. Now, for the first time, director Rian Johnson comments on this.

Who are Rey’s parents? Since the introduction of young heroine Rey (played by Daisy Ridley) in Episode 7: The Awakening of Power to the Star Wars Universe, many rumors have been circulating about their origins . Many fan theories already speculate about possible ties of relationship to the well-known heroes such as Luke Skywalker or Obi-Wan.

Also, director Rian Johnson has devoted himself to the question of Rey’s origins in Episode 8: The Last Jedi . His resolution can currently be seen in the cinema – but she does not like every fan.

Attention: Mighty spoiler!

Warning: the following paragraph contains spoilers

So, Rey’s parents are not some Jedi knights or famous Star Wars heroes she inherited power from. In a scene with Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), he reveals to her that her parents were none special. They were simple people, who sold their little daughter to the highest bidder and are not even alive anymore.

The full story with all spoilers and secrets can be found in our action summary for Star Wars 8 . Compared to Cinema Blend , Rian Johnson makes it clear why he chose to disband Rey’s ancestry :

“For me it was a dramaturgical decision […] If the answer she had been presented was ‘Your parents are the-and-the, very please, that’s your place in this story.’ That would be the simplest thing she could hear, and the simplest thing we could hear, wish fulfillment […] The hardest thing she can hear is’ No, you get that answer not ‘this definition.’ In fact, the fact that you do not have that is what Kylo uses against you to try to get you to rely on him, you have to find the power to define yourself and open up own legs. ”

Episode 9 will clarify if Rey’s ancestry is right

Now the question remains whether Kylo Ren has actually told the truth? According to Rian Johnson:

“[…] it’s completely unclear where to go in the next [movie], I do not think he’s lying, in the sense that he’s playing chess at the moment, maybe he’s doing it, I do not think so it seems he believes it, it seems to me that she believes it, but a certain angle always plays a role in these films. ”

If that is true, we will not be able to review Episode 9 until two years from now . However, JJ Abrams is responsible for this as a director and screenplay. A theatrical release date is announced for December 19, 2019. What we know about the movie so far is revealed in our review of Star Wars: Episode 9 .

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