Mafia 3 – Next game to develop online multiplayer?

We do not know if this is Mafia 4, but Hangar 13 is looking for people for a multiplayer project.

On the basis of job postings one can always gain interesting insights about what a developer is currently working on. The most recent proof of this assumption is the California studio Hangar 13. So far only Mafia 3 has been developed there – a singleplayer game with Open World.

If such a developer is suddenly looking for a gameplay networking engineer who is to develop “methods for synchronization of gameplay between multiple players,” then at least that reveals one thing: After Mafia 3, Hangar 13 apparently works on a title with multiplayer support .

The gameplay networking engineer should also deal with bandwidth, lag compensation, matchmaking and other features that suggest a clear multiplayer focus. The fact that the client is also optimized for anti-cheat and anti-grief also speaks for a PvP experience (after all, griefing is of far less importance in co-op sessions).

The project is Hangar 13s next »AAA title« with a specially developed engine. The applicant should have experience with Xbox One and PS4. And most important: in the past, ideally, have dealt with open game worlds . Thus the categories “Open World”, “Multi-Platform”, “PvP” and “Multiplayer” are more or less set.

Only a few questions remain to be clarified: Is this Mafia 4 ? Mafia Online? In Lost Heaven?

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