The 10 best Steam Games by user rating

There are many good and great games. But which are the best? In our list of the ten most highly rated Steam games you’ll find out.

Larian did it: Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a masterpiece. A captivating story, thrilling battles, a thrilling world and much more make the title one of the best role-playing games of all time . In our test , the game has been rated 93, knocking off The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and taking first place on our RPG charts . And yet, you will not find it in this list of the ten highest rated Steam games by users .

Yes, the best and most played games are not always the most popular. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds brings together over two million players daily to thank the Battle Royale shooter with a 60 percent overall rating on Steam. Then there is the so-called Review-Bombing , which has hit such long-running as Dota 2 and GTA 5 among others . Games are overwhelmed with negative reviews regardless of their quality, to show their developers their own disapproval of a specific decision, for example, after Rockstar shutdown the modding tool OpenIV .

And yet, the Steam reviews are important, because so seemingly less relevant titles turn out to be exciting games pearls. There will be some surprises when we introduce you to the Steam Community’s ten favorite games .

But before that, a brief classification: It is in the list to the highest average rating of users , so the final rating, which results from the Steam ratings. However, we do not sort the games directly to Steam’s specifications, but according to the rating algorithm of SteamDB .

The relativizes the rating depending on the number of ratings . This prevents games with too few ratings from appearing too high up. Therefore, the rating of Steam DB deviates from that on Steam. Please also note that the numbers are constantly changing as more and more reviews are added. Our information is from 2 December 2017 at 14:00 clock.

10th place: Left 4 Dead 2

It is one of Steam’s classics and is an excellent example of how asymmetric multiplayer can work: Valve’s zombie shooter Left 4 Dead 2 . While one team has to stop the undead creatures, the other slips into their skin.

There are only a few online moments that are more satisfying than the screaming of your best buddy because you grabbed him from behind in an inattentive moment. However, if you do not want to play against your friends, but only with them, you can also use the co-op campaign .

Left 4 Dead 2 has received over 202,000 positive reviews , making it almost the record holder on the list. Nevertheless, it is enough “only” for 10th place in the best games by user rating, as around 6,300 negative reviews push the rating.

Rating: 95.79%
Positive Ratings: 202,505
Negative Ratings: 6,341

Developer : Valve Corporation
Genre : Shooter
Release Date : Nov 17, 2009


Seat 9: Euro Truck Simulator 2

Let’s be honest: there are a thousand things that are more exciting than cigarettes for hours on virtual highways. And yet the Euro Truck Simulator 2 from developer SCS Software takes ninth place on our list. Why does the Steam community love a seemingly monotonous game?

Even if the goal of the simulation is to fulfill different tasks, many players are concerned with something completely different: relax, forget about everyday stress and simply feel free. No pressure. No worries. Only the road and your own truck. An external multiplayer mod allows online play with other players.

On Steam, the title holds over 120,000 positive reviews with around 3,300 votes against. Many satisfied players have already spent over 1000 hours on the virtual highways. If you want to become part of the trucker experience, you can try a demo on Steam.

Rating: 95.90%
Positive feedback: 121 093
Negative Ratings: 3383

Developer : SCS Software
Genre : Simulation
Release Date : October 19, 2012


8th place: Stardew Valley

impressively demonstrated that a peaceful farm life can sometimes be anything players want . In the spring of 2016, it became the best-selling Steam game of the first quarter with 800,000 units sold . The game is not an AAA title, but a one-man indie project by developer Eric “Concerned Ape” Barone.

In Stardew Valley, you look after your farm, sow vegetables and grains and feed cows and chickens. But you can also explore deep mines, gossip with the residents or relax in the evening while fishing. In short, Stardew Valley is not about achieving a specific goal. The game gives you the freedom to decide about your own everyday life .

On Steam, the game was able to convince some 79,000 players, about 2,000, however, are not thrilled. That’s enough in the rankings for place 8. Recently, developer Eric Barone has announced further free single-player content , which should appear together with the multiplayer update in early 2018.

Rating: 95.95%
Positive feedback: 79,127
Negatives: 2005

Developer : ConcernedApe
Genre : RPG / Simulation
Release Date : 26 February 2016


7th place: Terraria

Bad tongues like to mock it as a cheap Minecraft clone in 2D. But this name does not do Terraria . Of course, in the Pixel game by Re-Logic, we also remove blocks and process them into tools and pieces of furniture via a crafting menu. But the role play aspect is much more in the foreground. In Terraria, we can become a potent magician as ferocious warriors thrash skeletons and slime blobs and, as rangers, turn supernatural bosses into supernatural mush.

Those who do not feel like violence can also devote themselves to building houses and lose themselves in details. Because in Terraria dozens of furniture, materials and colors are ready for decoration. The multiplayer mode also allows you to build and fight with your friends – or knock yourself in PvP.

Terraria has the most positive Steam ratings in the list , with around 203,000 players giving a thumbs up. At the same time it has to plug in around 5,900 negative ratings, which ranks seventh on the highest rated title on Steam by users. Although the release was in 2011, Re-Logic is still adding new content and features to the game. Update 1.3.5 has added , among other things, 4K support .

Rating: 95,99%
Positive Feedback : 203,446
Negative Ratings: 5,934

Developer : Re-Logic
Genre : Role Play
Release Date : May 16, 2011


6th place: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

In Rogue-Like The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, we guide Isaac and other characters leaning against the Bible through spaces filled with monsters and feces. We fight with tears , which we upgrade during the course of a game through various items. A hanger, for example, increases the firing frequency of the tears, but he puts Isaac in the head from then on.

Yes, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is crazy, brutal and disturbing. No wonder, the environment reflects the perception and psyche of a helpless boy abused by his fanatical mother. Playfully, the game impresses with a multitude of items that create synergies among each other, guaranteeing a variety of gameplay. The numerous types of enemies and bosses as well as the unique and grotesque atmosphere complete the experience.

Around 63,000 players are enthusiastic about rogue-like, but about 1,500 do not like it. With Afterbirth and Afterbirth + there are also two addons to the main game, which add a new game mode in two levels of difficulty additional characters, room types, items and bosses.

Rating: 96.02%
Positive feedback: 63,145
Negatives: 1476

Developer : Nicalis
Genre : roguelike
release date : November 4, 2014


5th place: Portal

The gameplay mechanics of Portal are quickly explained: Using a futuristic rifle, you shoot a blue and an orange portal into walls and surfaces. Everything that moves through such a portal comes out at the other one. But what Valve creates with this simple premise of riddles has torn our jaws down ten years ago and continues to delight countless players to this day.

The puzzles are not only creative but also innovative and unique. Simple tasks such as moving a cube onto a counter turn laser banners, moving platforms, and cute, armed robots into real nuts that demand all our cleverness and ingenuity. To celebrate here with the artificial intelligence GlaDOS one of the now most popular antagonists of video game history her debut. If you make it to the credits, you may even enjoy a song from her. Portal is definitely a modern game classic.

Portal has collected around 40,000 positive reviews on Valve’s distribution platform, putting it behind most games on the list. However, only slightly more than 800 people have given negative feedback. And so the puzzle adventure makes it comfortable in the top 5 of our list of the most popular Steam games

Rating: 96.02%
Positive feedback: 40,340
Negatives: 834

Developer : Valve
Genre : Puzzle Adventure
Release Date : October 10, 2007


4th place: Counter-Strike

In fourth place is an absolute shooter classic and the oldest game on this list: The first Counter-Strike . Although the title has never protested with its graphics, but with its balanced game mode laid the foundation for a timeless gameplay. Nowadays, the game is no longer part of the shooter genre.

Even in the most recent title Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , the shooter’s storyline is mostly consistent with his gameplay roots. The game was originally released as a modand based on another title from the house Valve: The 1998 published Half-Life .

Counter-Strike has about 102,000 positive reviews, but also about 2,300 negative. Just as impressive as these numbers is the fact that reviews are still added on Steam today . The faithful community remembers one thing above all: »The good old days«.

Rating: 96.34%
Positive feedback: 102 209
Negative Ratings: 2285

Developer : Valve
Genre : Shooter
Release Date : November 1, 2000


3rd place: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Of Counter-Strike , it is about 15 years into the future: in 2015 appeared with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a RPG saga , which already enjoys cult status. The third part of the role-playing series by CD Projekt RED revolves around witcher Geralt and his foster daughter Ciri as well as the eponymous Wild Hunt.

Soundtrack, staging, characters, plot, game world, scope, dialogues – the skillful combination of all these things make role-playing a masterpiece . The loving, numerous and varied stories also comfort the weak character system.

This is also reflected in the Steam ratings. Although the title has only been on the market for two and a half years, it has already received around 134,000 positive votes . Even with about 3,000 negative reviews, that’s enough for third place on our list. The Hearts of Stone ( in the test ) and Blood and Wine ( in the test ), there are also two large addons for The Witcher third.

Rating: 96.47%
Positive Rating: 134,244
Negative Ratings: 2,976

Developer : CD Project RED
Genre : Role Playing Game
Release Date : May 18, 2015


2nd place: Factorio

is the second highest rated game on Steam by users – even though it is not even finished yet. Even visually, the game is not exactly appealing. And yet, the early-access version of the indie strategy title has a higher rating than the role-playing epic The Witcher 3 . If you look at the Steam Reviews, the phenomenon can be explained in one word: addiction .

The aim of Factorio is to create huge production chains that work as efficiently as possible, and ideally automatically. To accomplish this, resources and production facilities have to be cleverly combined. And so hour after hour goes by, according to the motto: “Only one more improvement …”.

Around 30,000 optimists have awarded Factorio with a positive rating – this is the lowest value for this list. However, only about 400 players rate the strategy game negatively. A proud achievement for a game that is still in the process of development.

Rating: 96.58%
Positive Rating: 30,395
Negative Ratings: 383

Developer : Wube Software
Genre : Strategy
Release Date : Feb 25, 2016 (Early Access)


1st place: Portal 2

Surprise! Portal may run again, at least the successor Portal 2 . The basic gameplay has not changed much, for Valve has screwed in scope and details . In the second part, there is a larger campaign that allows us to distribute portals for about twelve hours. And also the artificial intelligence GlaDOS is back.

A big extension is the co-op mode . In this we work together with a friend or random laboratory partner through specially prepared levels. From two portals, four and our brains are knotted even further.

Approximately 110,000 players have forgiven GlaDOS that the cake was just a lie and left a positive ratings. And despite 1,400 negative reviews, that goes for first place in the list of games with the highest Steam rating. Will any other game Portal 2 ever break the throne? Hm, maybe someday Portal 3 will come.

Rating: 97.28%
Positive feedback: 109 889
Negative Ratings: 1390

Developer : Valve
Genre : Puzzle Adventure
Release Date : 19 April 2011

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